Our story︎

Theshop is a street, surf & skate concept store since 1979 in Vilassar de Mar, Barcelona.
Theshop was born in 1979 with the name of Totsport in the center of Vilassar de Mar, a coastal village in the province of Barcelona. Sports and urban culture defined back then the store, where skateboarding, surf and snowboarding were the leading sports. These have persisted along all the changes that Totsport has experienced until becoming the actual Theshop. The store is one of the most known in Vilassar de Mar’s urban culture. Clothing, accessories... and all kind of products at Theshop, where also the client is personally advised and is provided of a high quality service. At the store it remains since its beginnings the ideals of a young urban culture, which define the different events that Theshop organizes, becoming this way a meeting point for all those skateboarding, surf and snowboarding lovers.